CPP Training Services

Executive Briefing

A half-full day introduction to CPP, designed for corporate leaders and senior managers, which is structured in three parts:

  • Introduction/overview discussion of the Compete Protect Perform framework and why it is so important in today’s business environment,
  • Interactive exercise illustrating the CPP concepts and their effects on executive management effectiveness,
  • Organization specific discussion focusing on the mechanisms of CPP and how to quickly generate returns on investment through a focused, pilot application of CPP.

This seminar establishes an understanding of the CPP framework and the new operating reality for executives.  It lays the groundwork for decision-making within this framework and empowers management to consider and apply the results of the initial evaluation. 


CPP for Leaders

This seminar is designed to take place following the initial CPP evaluation by the SDS team and is intended to support an early deployment/pilot and preliminary ROI realization as an integral part of the CPP engagement.     Its purpose is to help organizational leaders maximize the benefits of CPP at an early stage of the process.   The seminar focuses on the application of CPP to empower dynamic and thoughtful contextual leadership across the top tier of the organization.  A key benefit is the alignment of values to support the executive leader(s) in pursuing their vision for the future of the organization.  Thus, the training focuses on aligning interests at different organizational levels and across operational domains through the CPP framework in support of shared winning objectives.


CPP for Managers

This session is a two to four day training session, depending on the complexity of the organization and other factors.  It is designed to  train managers and senior supervisory personnel on the application of CPP in an operational environment.  The purpose of this training session is to prepare the organization for the deployment of CPP and to ensure that the management team is ready to put it into practice.  For maximum effectiveness the attendees are organized into cross-functional teams that can identify needs, challenges and barriers to effective implementation.   The training follows the three phase executive training/seminar, but addresses operational issues, simulating CPP application using relevant experience.  After the initial introduction, those attending will be asked to identify operational challenges, where CPP could be used to improve performance, reduce risks and better compete with other organizations.  Exercises will be created based on their input and will be used in class.  For this reason, this training is generally divided into two segments, separated by two days to one week.  Our primary objective is for participants to take away from the session practical knowledge and experience that can be immediately applied to benefit the organization, thus contributing to early ROI realization.


CPP for Performance Personnel

Some organizations have enough depth and role separation to require a third level of training.  This can involve, for example, members of organized labor or line workers, who ultimately apply CPP down to the operations floor.  This training follows a similar structure as CPP for managers, but is generally shorter in duration, i.e. half a day typical.


Technical Seminars

Other training offerings focus on architectural areas of CPP, which are generally built on top of existing capabilities.  These include:

  • Metrics for CPP – A hands-on exercise intended to help managers and key executives define the measures necessary to track their initiatives and maximize performance across the three areas of CPP.

  • Business Process Analysis and Alignment (BPA&A) – Builds on the results of the initial evaluation by engaging management in a discussion of processes and how they can be aligned to better support CPP.

  • Systems and CPP – Focuses on existing IT and other systems and ways to align their functions to support CPP.  This hands-on training is delivered in a participative-seminar style and builds on the BPA&A training above.

Product Documentation & Training

SDS offers advanced documentation and training support for all of its products based solutions, including information systems and custom applications. We provide a wide range of technical, user and support documentation in a variety of formats, including print, electronic and web-based.

Similarly, our services can include a variety of documentation, training and training aids. Training can focus on the user community, on training the trainer or both, reflecting our commitment to knowledge transfer and customer development.

Documentation and training support are included in and defined as part of a task, project or approved scope. Its delivery can parallel the development of the product, system and service, or phased in to include post deployment additions and modifications. They can also be updated and expanded after deployment through a negotiated support agreement.

Stand-alone and Expanded Training Services

SDS and AC Macris Consultants offer stand-alone and expanded training services via our collaborative partnership.  For more information on these training services, please select the specific items below.  You will be redirected to A.C. Macris Consultants’ web site.  You will be able to return to the SDS web site from there.

Curriculum Development

Workshops and Seminars

Contextual Leadership Workshops


Culture Symposium