Simplicity is involved with and has contributed to a variety of research efforts internally and externally funded. Surveys represent an important tool because of the need to understand how markets, industries, institutions and other organizations view issues such as terrorism, trade and globalization. Your contributions to these surveys are appreciated.

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Surveys in Research

SDS has participated in a number of studies that used surveys as a technique to obtain information on attitudes, points of views, needs and other factors. When combined with other techniques, surveys can provide important context and points of refence for analysis.

For examples of research and published papers that employed surveys, see our Published page. These papers have been presented to organizations involved in protecting the homeland, including Nothern Command Headquarters.

Thank you for your participation and for the time that you contributed to this research. Most of our surveys offer those who participate the opportunity to receive summary results. This is one small way for us to extend our appreciation.