SDS has participated in a variety of research projects and has been a member in a number of grant proposal teams with institutions such as the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) and the University of Texas at Dallas. We have also participated in four sponsored research projects through the Network Information and Space Security Center (NISSC) at UCCS. Specifically, these projects involved:

  1. 2002: A NISSC study of available standards based systems and threat modeling programs in support of homeland defense. This project looked at standards bodies such as ANSI and ISO for input into defining a standards based integrated security model that could be deployed by small to mid-size corporations, governments and government entities, including counties and cooperatives.
  2. 2002/2003: Development of an integrated Security, Environmental, Health and Safety model based on ISO14000, Environmental Management Systems.  This project included Environmental Resources Engineering (ERG), SDS and the UCCS school of business. ERG and SDS had previously collaborated on a variety of projects, including the development and deployment of ISO14000 EMS.
  3. 2003:  Piloting of the integrated SEHS in a city/county format. The results were presented to local and state officials.
  4. 2004/2005: Exploratory study of local Emergency Managers knowledge, expectations and confidence in working with the military using the Military Assistance to Civil Authorities (MACA) program, now called Defense Assistance to Civil Authorities (DSCA).

Please visit the publishing page for papers authored based on the above research.

SDS continues to share much of its experience and the results of its research through papers and articles in newsletters, practioner and academic journals. Please visit our web site often and check the publishing links for more detailed coverage of the topics tha we have touched on.