SDSĀ has collaborated with a variety of firms in conducting collaborative research. Historically, these have included Environmental Resources Engineering (ERG) and AC Macris Consultants, with whom we collaborated on the C-P-P process. We have also collaborated with the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) on a number of research and pilot projects. The range of collaboration have included research, development, piloting and testing and validation of concepts. The subjects include regulatory compliance, Environmental Management Systems, Business Management Processes, emergency response and security.

At the present time, the focus of our research are integration, competition, contextual response, global commerce and security. Specifically:

  1. The development and validation of business models focusing on the challenges of a highly interconnected intellectual, technical and material supply chain. The C-P-P framework, which was been developed collaboratively with AC Macris Consultants represents one outcome of this research class.
  2. Terrorism in general and radical Islamism in particular, with a focus on developing effective solutions for business and benchmarks for policy performance. The papers listed on our Published page reflect the results of our efforts in this research class.
  3. Surveys and benchmark studies to assess organizational responses to evolving challenges, threats and opportunities. The research papers based on surveys of Emergency Managers reflect the outcomes of this class of research.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating or collaborating in our on-going research efforts.

SDS continues to share much of its experience and the results of its research through papers and articles in newsletters, practioner and academic journals. Please visit our web site often and check the publishing links for more detailed coverage of the topics tha we have touched on.