SDS began offering over the counter (OTC) products 1991 with the release of the MSDS Manager. Over the next ten years, we developed a range of producs that focused on reference and regulatory management. We will continue to offer this and other software and information solutions through our service portfolio, including C-P-P engagements.



EMS NetTM is a fully integrated ISO14000/EMS Decision support system.  It combines business and technical assessments strategies to help organizations improve their environmental and business decision-making processes.  To this end, EMS Net was engineered to be tailored to each organization’s structure, decision-making processes and culture.  It is available in Standard and Enterprise versions.


EMS Net is organized into a series of Solution Sets designed to address specific analytical and decision making needs.  Each Solution Set targets specific areas of concern related to environmental performance, business requirements, legal and regulatory compliance, stake-holder support and NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act - USA). While Solution Sets focus on specific areas, they are designed to fully integrate into the overall EMS Net program. Integration improves productivity and the quality of decisions by eliminating redundancy, while sharing analysis, performance and decision support information.


Hazardous Materials Manager

The Hazardous Material ManagerTM is a materials management system, designed as a comprehensive solution to hazardous material management and regulatory compliance. It features an integrated Inventory Management System that supports Inventory Issues, Receiving and Adjustments for up to 99 separate storage locations. Each issue, receipt and adjustment is automatically logged for processing and reporting. An integrated MSDS Management System puts hazard and regulatory information at the users' finger-tips, saving time and simplifying compliance with Health and Safety, Environmental, Transportation and other requirements. This product supports SARA Title III, Toxic Release Inventory and other regulatory reporting requirements. 


Professional MSDS Manager

Simplicity's Professional MSDS Manager is  risk management-centered approach to evaluating, managing and distributing regulatory and chemical hazard information. It integrates with the Hazardous Materials Manager to simplify access to regulatory and hazard information.  The Professional MSDS Manager is ideal for companies that must comply with OSHA and EPA reporting requirements. It provides MSDS library management, electronic distribution of hazard information, active/retired MSDS tracking.  The Professional MSDS Manager includes our Integrated List of Regulated Chemicals, with subscription support.  Simplicity offers extensive installation, training and library management support services. The MSDS Manager is tailored to each client’s individual requirements. It supports multi-user, client-server, Intranet and Internet configurations targeted at individual facilities and the enterprise.

Simplicity's Knowledge Bases support our Enterprise Environmental Management and Regulatory Compliance Systems.  Knowledge Bases come in the form of text and databases designed to simplify and speed up the process of evaluating the hazardous properties of chemicals and other products. 

Existing knowledge bases include:

  • The Integrated List of Regulated Chemicals - a compilation of all major EPA, OSHA and DOT chemical lists

  • The 1996 North American Emergency Response Guide - DOT Emergency Response Reference Guide for emergency responders

  • The 1997 NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards - NIOSH's popular guide for evaluating the hazardous and physical properties of common hazardous chemicals.

Still Available
SDS will continue to provide our traditional products on a case by case basis. They were originally offered primarily over the counter. With the advent of the Internet and the drive towards integration and web-enabled applications, these products are now offered as part of our service portfolio, including C-P-P engagements.