It has been said that we are drowning in a sea of data and thirsty for good information. SDS' Data-2-Knowledge (D2K) service is designed to deliver data, information and knowledge based on the client's specific needs, careful requirements and underlying contextual parameters. This service is an integral part of the C-P-P process, but is also available in support of other projects, including quality assurance management, root cause analysis and research.


SDS has applied the D2K process in support of software quality assurance applications in the nuclear industry, root cause analysis in the security industry and empirical studies of terrorist decision making.



The D2K process can include a full range of components, from sensors to external information. As the name implies, it focuses on three specific components:  Data, Information and Knowledge. These are defined as follows:


  • Data: Is a value or fact of limited scope, i.e. each data value captures a given value or measure.
  • Information: Refers to a statement of fact, correlation or inference about the data.
  • Knowledge: In this context, knowledge refers to the ability of human beings to process data and information into specific actions or the potentiality for action. Thus, we are talking about systems and processes that deliver actionable data and information.

A reasonable assumption for a D2K process is that the volume of data will greatly exceed the amount of information extracted from it. Finally, knowledge, as defined above, will will will be distilled down to even fewer 'nuggets' of knowledge. This is shown in the figure to the right.

Custom Solution Sets and TUD
Simplicity's Custom Solution Sets concept is built on our company's established record in management consulting and software development.  Implemented using the Thorough and Urgent Delivery (TUD) approach described below, Custom Solution Sets offer our clients fast, cost effective implementation of C-P-P, services and information technology solutions.  They are particularly effective in situations, where a limited solution is required without delay, often with limited time for validation and testing. SDS uses a variety of cutting edge technologies to deliver on TUD's promise in areas related to database management.

 A typical Solution Set Implementation can take as little as two weeks.  In cases were a solution set requires more extensive development efforts, they can be implemented in phases.  This approach allows components to be deployed sooner, while other components are still in development, validation and testing.  Once deployed, Solution Sets can be quickly modified in response to market trends and changing business requirements.

Delivering Value, Faster!
Since 1989, SDS has been researching methods for delivering solutions faster and with greater quality. Our research involved a variety of tools and strategies, which initially focused on rapid development of software and databases. Over the past five years, the research coallesed around a philosophy and approach that extended beyond IT and software to expert services and management consulting. Working with AC Macris Consultants, the philosophy and approach were stardized under what we refer to as the Thorough and Urgent Delivery (TUD) method. TUD delivers accelerated ROI realization through a variety of means, including:

  1. Ensuring that benefits accrue from the earliest possible point in the engagement process,
  2. Leveraging prototyping and early deployment to validate requirements and expectations,
  3. Employing highly productive tools in areas related to information technology and performance metrics delivery,
  4. Reducing costs and the ensuring effective communications between the client and SDS teams.

In practice, TUD can deliver almost immediate returns by contributing to more effective decision making, analysis and implementation.

We design information and reporting systems, which process data and information to provide each level in the organization with what they need to increase their knowledge. In other words, the systems deliver actionable information to the right people, at the right time and in the correct context.

The image above illustrates the relationship between data, information and knowledge within the D2K paradigm. Data, internal and external, are usually captured in large volume. The data is then processed, correlated and presented on screen or through physical reports. Data processing and reporting can be accomplished in real time or near real time, usually through an On-Line-Analytical-Processing (OLAP) process, extracted from historical archives or both.


SDS has used a combination of near real time data in combination with historical information in the analysis of terrorist and radical activities in the war on terrorism. The results provided valuable information and knowledge, which was used in evaluating policies such as employee security background checks.


D2K systems are can be delivered as part of a Custom Solution Set and can be designed and implemented using our Thorough and Urgent Delivery methodology, described on the right.