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Who is SDS and why is it the one to implement C-P-P?

SDS and AC Macris Consultants developed the C-P-P contextual framework over the course of three years, building on a combined four decades of engineering, information technology and management consulting experience. Both organizations had used its principles, methods and practices throughout their history, but had not combined them into a contextually defined, integrated approach.

Our experiences developing and applying C-P-P since 9/11 and continuing research essentially assure that our clients that they will have access to the latest information and the best advise in positioning their performance ahead of their competitors. Please contact us for additional information. We are eager to answer your questions and jointly determining how you and your organization can benefit from C-P-P.

An distinct advantage of our services is the TUD method of ensuring maximum returns as quickly as reasonably achievable. This method, which is described below and elsewhere on this web site, reflects our focus on and commitment to deliver real world, practical and measurable value to our clients.

Please visit the publishing and research pages for more information on our on-going work on C-P-P and issues related to competiton and homeland defense.

Delivering Value, Faster!
Since 1989, SDS has been researching methods for delivering solutions faster and with greater quality. Our research involved a variety of tools and strategies, which initially focused on rapid development of software and databases. Over the past five years, the research coallesed around a philosophy and approach that extended beyond IT and software to expert services and management consulting. Working with AC Macris Consultants, the philosophy and approach were stardized under what we refer to as the Thorough and Urgent Delivery (TUD) method. TUD delivers accelerated ROI realization through a variety of means, including:

  1. Ensuring that benefits accrue from the earliest possible point in the engagement process,
  2. Leveraging prototyping and early deployment to validate requirements and expectations,
  3. Employing highly productive tools in areas related to information technology and performance metrics delivery,
  4. Reducing costs and the ensuring effective communications between the client and SDS teams.

In practice, TUD can deliver almost immediate returns by contributing to more effective decision making, analysis and implementation.