Industry Perspectives on Terrorims Survey
We have closed our survey on Industry Perspectives on Terrorism. We are gathering the data, which will be correlated with other information as part of our analysis. We will make the results available to those who took time to complete the survey.

Delivering Value, Faster!
Complementing the C-P-P process is a delivery methodology engineered to empower organizational leaders in affecting fast, measurable improvements.   This method, called Thoughtful and Urgent Delivery or TUD, was adapted in part from experience gained in several Homeland Security and terrorism related research projects.

TUD delivers accelerated ROI realization through a variety of means, including:

  1. Ensuring that benefits accrue from the earliest possible point in the engagement process,
  2. Leveraging prototyping and early deployment to validate requirements and expectations,
  3. Employing highly productive tools in areas related to information technology and performance metrics delivery,
  4. Reducing costs and the ensuring effective communications between the client and SDS teams.
In practice, TUD can deliver almost immediate returns by contributing to more effective decision making, analysis and implementation.

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SDS has been studying and trending its clients changing operational environments since the mid-1990s. In 2003, SDS established a collaborative relationship with AC Macris Consultants, a firm that focuses on contextual business leadership. The relationship enabled our organizations to look for solutions that extend beyond technology, databases and systems to incorporate the human element in general, and executive leadership in particular.

 The collaboration between SDS and AC Macris Consultants has produced novel strategies that enable leaders and their organizations to perform at high levels through structured, yet adaptive frameworks.  This approach became particularly salient following the attacks of 9/11, when organizations in business, government and the military had to adapt to unknown, unpredictable and quickly changing operational environments.  Using research developed in support of homeland defense, we spent over two years building on previous work, developing and testing a new approach for delivering stability during highly dynamic economic and political environments.  The results were ultimately distilled into three distinct, yet integral aspects of organizational excellence:  Compete – Protect – Perform.


Welcome to Simplicity’s web site, which focuses on solutions tailored to today's highly dynamic global business environment. Through this web site you can access information and analysis on relevant topics as reported nationally and internationally, including: 

Our latest newsletters include analysis on business models for operating in highly dynamic environments and the crisis in Pakistan following the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. We cover the regional implications and direct and indirect effects of that tragic event. You may access our report directly through the Published page.

About Our services

Our services are designed to position you and your organization ahead of its competitors through a contextual framework engineered for excellence in the three contextual areas, which define performance in the first decade of the 21st Century: Compete-Protect-Perform. Our clients can maximize the benefits of this process via a full C-P-P engagement, through which the executive team and organization learn to leverage the process to successfully achieve their winning objectives. The analytical aspect of C-P-P's model was employed in our latest analysis piece on the implications of the crisis in Pakistan. Feel free to download a copy from the Published page.

Our May 08 Newsletter is available from the Published page.

A white paper on extending Balanced Scorecard Systems by integrating C-P-P's three dimensional framework is available on request.

Last Updated May 14, 2008 .